I am known for thought-provoking keynote presentations in addition to highly interactive workshops and webinars. Content is always customized to ensure that it is highly relevant to my audiences.


  • Are We Falling Apart or Emerging Anew?
  • Why Your Change Strategy Isn’t Working
  • A Stealth Approach to Organizational Change
  • We Can Use the Lessons of Political Revolutions to Drive Organizational Change
  • Do We Need Evolution or Revolution? Reflections on Change in Higher Education


  • Building an Inclusive Organizational Culture
  • Creating a High-Performance Organization
  • Increasing Organizational Accountability
  • Improv as a Strategy for Innovation
  • Leveraging Team Strengths


  • Vegans, Marathoners, and Math Majors: Looking to the Future
  • What Does the Future Hold?


  • The Science & Strategy of Moving Your Ideas Forward
  • You CAN Master Organizational Politics
  • Negotiation Strategies for People Who Hate to Negotiate
  • The Power of Honest Conversations
  • Snakes, Slackers, and Backstabbers
  • Don’t Let Mean People Destroy Your Career
  • Don’t Silence Your Skeptics
  • …and HR Did Nothing. Navigating in a Gotcha Culture
  • “I’m So Sorry.” The Art of Apology
  • Use Your Power
  • Are You an Influential Leader?
  • What Are Your Sources of Power?
  • Managing Organizational Crises